both “eden rock ” and “walking away” presents moments of separation to communicate ideas about letting go of a loved one.                         However, in “eden rock” this is presented from a viewpoint of a child, whereas in “walking away” it is presented from the […]

neutral tones is a poem about a man called Thomas hardy who broken up with his girlfriend. love is presented as cursed and haunted in “neutral tones” by Thomas hardy.  He starts the poem off by describing a couple standing by a pond. This would be a romantic setting however Thomas hardy says it was […]

Dear Chris McCandless, I am writing this to show you how your book of Into The Wild has had an impact on me as a person. Your extraordinary story shows yr transition from society to the iceolated wilderness.  

During this essay I will be talking about the main differences between the film and the novel of Into The Wild. A simple explanation of the thrilling story about a young man called Chris McCandless and his endless journey In the film sean pen presents walt, Chris McCandless’ Dad

George’s mavalous medicine is a book about a young boy who lives in the country side with his mum, dad and horrible grandma. The book starts off with georges mum and dad heading off out to go to work and to pick up groasarees, leaving George with his grandma. George has to give his grandma […]

it was a freezing and windy night. as i opened the old wooden door the sound of it creaked open slowly, caused several of the birds in the trees behind me to fly away, they werent the only things that were scared ; i was frightened! inside the mysterious abandond hospital , i couldt help […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway